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What is A Crepe Sole And What Are It’s Benefits Of Using It?

An issue that we have been Asked often over the last couple of months has been;What is a Crepe Sole? To help guide you in your way,we introduced the very same questions to our buddies at workboots review.

Understanding Crepe Rubber Soles

Let’s get down to the Fundamentals. The term”Crepe Sole” refers to the lesscommon,Cushioned soft material that makes up a sole unit on apparel. Not to be confused about TPU Crepe – the artificial variant that may be seen on our Hornchurch – this material is created of a pure latex”Crepe” rubber that’s expressed in a liquid form in exploited trees and coagulated into a semi-solid material. A method of sap extraction originating from native South America,utilizing machines,the material is then laterpressed,smashed and wrapped prior to being sent out into sheets prior tobeing cut into sole shapes to be used in our factory.

Due to minor variations in various kinds of Crepe,the concluding results may vary from sole to sole. Some could be rigid upon purchase and have to be broken up in,whilst some are all set to go from the get-go. Therefore Any product labeled as having a Crepe sole should provide increased cushioning and traction from original wear – compared to a standard sole unit – noticeably increasing in functionality after a couple of attributes.

There are three main benefits of using a Crepe bottom.

Looking good – hence it’s been a mainstay of the British apparel scene since the 1940s – Crepe is renowned for comfort due To increased security in the midfoot – since it supports the naturalflexing foot motion – whilst the thousands are air bubbles containedwithin the materials act as a kind of shock absorption protectingligaments and tendons.

Material with all the trees used in the production of the natural latex able to be chosen for over 40 years,whilst after usage the material can be biodegradable.

What Are Crepe’s Disadvantages

To be fair there are not many. Aside from being slightly heavier than artificial versions,for the ones that prefer a crisp,clean-cut shoe that always looks fresh out of the box,Crepe soled shoes might not be the way forward. This is a result of the openpore nature of this material meaning difficult to eliminate dust and dirt will get trapped in nooks and crannies as time passes. This is no problem for the majority of our clients who discover that this provides a natural patina to their sneakers.

Hopefully this puts to rest any questions you have about Crepe soles.